Healthtech For Good: Living Better With A Long-Term Illness

  • Tamara Rajah

We're so familiar with the wellness tech for the well - trackers and monitors for every measurable body signal.

It's time for the similar tidal wave for the chronically ill. It's looking very hopeful. There are four things I'm most excited about making a big difference to everyday life:
We've all had an itch that won't go away, a throbbing pain from stubbing our toes, a sore mouth because we bit our tongue. They're there in the background, intensifying when we do certain everyday actions, reminding us and annoying us and hurting, till they ease up and we forget. Imagine they don't ease. Imagine a litany of itches and pains, which persist day after day and as something ebbs, something else takes its place. This is the daily world of someone living with the symptoms and side effects of a long-term illness. The word patient means 'one who suffers' and this is borne out nowhere stronger than with a chronic condition.
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