HEAVY (Official Music Video)

  • Johan Flybring
  • Kio Briggs
  • Vicky Pasion
  • Evie Nairne

'HEAVY', is a record by British artist Vicky Pasion, it is a throwback to the 00s RnB/Pop/Gospel vibe of socially conscious music; it’s nostalgic, encouraging feelings of familiarity. The music video is inspired by Pasion’s experience during the height of the global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter resurgence in 2020, as well as her brief experience as a school teacher at an all boys school in North London. The narrative of HEAVY’s music video is focused on sharing the story of a young black boy in inner-city London following the height of a global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. It shows a young boy ‘alone’ in the city and alludes to him being exposed to the difficulties of his social environment. Filmed in Camden, London, Vicky returns to her childhood neighbourhood while guiding the young boy through the city, affirming him to ‘lift your head up’ - hinting at her experience as a young teacher. The music video style is inspired by early 90s hip-hop/ R&B videos, as an ode to the artists who spoke up and told their conscious stories, in hopes of making a difference.