Hecate / Hekate -Silk scarf- Greek Goddess - Goddess of the moon - Goddess of Crossroads - mythology- Feminist Goddess

  • Raafaye Ali

Originally designed for a Breast cancer exhibition where the life model was a survivor. The life drawing became the foundations to create this silk scarf paying homage to the mythological greek goddess to highlight empowerment. I decided to make it the very first product i sell because of the research and effort i poured into it. A goddess called Hekate/Hecate, who was the defender of her own gender and those at their most vulnerable time of their life and also a defender of those living in the fringes of society such as sex workers, the homeless, gypsies, those that suffered from mental health and disability. She has through out history been portrayed in a reductionist light due to layers of misogyny but the deeper you dig the more depth to a character you see. In the great vineyard of the stars, Every night, I see her. Drinking in our dreams, Our curses and, most shameful sins. Amongst angels and ghosts, She is, the purple haze, That covers all, The shadow that every man casts, The secret that every man & women holds. Marrying darkness to light. But She, Who dwells at the crossroads, Of Heaven and Hell, With her misty violate eyes, She urges the embrace of the unknown. Know whatever path you choose will bring precious insight. Mother & mistress of night!, lunar lit lady of the moon, keeper of the shadows, walker of the endless crossroads, a companion & a guide. She offers a key to take your own path, shining a torch through the darkness to illuminate a choice. My first ever product for sale for profit or advertising on pinterest. wish me luck