Helping a HR Tech company triple their revenue and quadruple their customers within three years.

  • Adam King

This case study looks into the three years I’ve spent with Connectr, who they are, how far they’ve come and a look at the work I’ve done for them. Connectr is a company that makes mentoring software that drives real results in DE&I, Retention and Engagement. They currently have two web apps with a range of features — one for candidate engagement, and the other, employee engagement. At the core of both products are two integral features: ‘Mentors’ and ‘Modules’. Connectr is a white-label product allowing our customers to add their logo and brand colour to personalise and create ownership. Recently, Connectr launched an admin portal that empowers customers to track engagement and impact in real time, and create and manage module content for their users. Check out my website for the full case study.