Hiatus Kaiyote on the power of individuality and imagination

  • Simon Edwards

“Going through university, you go to your teachers and people you aspire to be like, and you ask them for direction. That’s the wrong way to approach making music. You’ve got to look within and find the shit that you love and that you want to create, and do it, learn it, and be that. Fuck going to someone and saying: help me become a great musician. You’ve got to figure that out for yourself." I caught up with Simon Mavin from Haitus Kaiyote to talk about working with the legendary Brazilian composer and arranger Arthur Verocai, the downside of institutionalised musical education, the studio experimentations that helped shape the Mood Valiant sound, and much more. Head over to Composer Magazine to read the full interview. https://composer.spitfireaudio.com/en/articles/hiatus-kaiyote-on-the-power-of-individuality-and-imagination

Photography by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore