Hiking Tips for Seniors | Fred Sines

  • Fred Maurice Sines

Getting outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and all the beauty that mother nature provides should never be an age restricted activity. Hiking is a wonderful way to enjoy the weather while getting in some exercise. There are many perks to be had such as improving cardiovascular health, increasing blood circulation, and helping with joint pain. While some hikes may be more extreme than others, there are always various ways to go about hiking that is appropriate for someone who may be up in age. The following are several tips that seniors should greatly consider before hitting the hiking trails. Take the time to check with your physician before setting out on that much anticipated hike. It is always important to be medically cleared before ever participating in any sort of vigorous exercise. This is especially true if you are someone who is not normally as active in your day to day activities. Perhaps a hike could be too strenuous and cause health concerns that your doctor may be worried about. Allotting yourself the appropriate amount of time to get into shape and prepare for the hike is critical. While it may not require a rigorous workout plan, something as simple as taking daily strolls helps to build your endurance. Take the time to practice stretching and getting your body ready for the upcoming hike is important so it can prepare the muscles for the hike. Choose the appropriate hiking trail that meets the criteria for your needs. Never go full force and overdo it on the first several hikes. Stick to a hiking trail that fits your comfort level and does not push you more than is necessary. Take the time to research hiking trails so you know what to expect when you visit them. Continue reading at https://fredsines.org.uk/hiking-tips-for-seniors/