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Fred Maurice Sines

DirectorUnited Kingdom
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Fred Maurice Sines

DirectorUnited Kingdom
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Maurice Fred Sines is the director of Sines Parks Luxury Living Ltd located in Surrey, the United Kingdom. He owns both Sines Parks and Leisure Parks luxury mobile home communities. He purchased his first park back in 1997, following in his father and namesake's footsteps. He later opened Sines Park Homes Group and now works from the office in Pilgrims Retreat Park, located in Kent. His primary goal is to create luxurious and comfortable residential and leisure homes for those over 50. Each park offers its residents something different, but all of them boast a tight-knit and friendly community. Fred enjoys helping turn his clients' dreams into a reality. After they retire, they do not have to stay in a noisy city. Instead, they can move to a one of his peaceful parks in the countryside. Fred Sines is a skilled manager and excellent salesman. He is known for his problem-solving abilities and ability to connect his clients to their dream homes. His creativity plays an important role in the life of his parks and residents. He's started parks in beautiful locations, and owns one of the few dog-friendly parks in the region. Fred isn't all work and no play. In his spare time, he greatly enjoys playing golf, driving his luxury sports car collection, playing poker, or traveling to locations such as Dubai. Fred is a man of many interests outside of his business. In addition to being a top notch businessman, golfer, and traveler, Fred is a devoted husband and caring father who loves spending time with his beloved family. To learn more about Fred Sines and keep up with his thoughts visit
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Work history
    DirectorLeisure Parks UK
    United KingdomFull Time
    At Leisure Parks Luxury Living Limited, Fred Sines prides himself in providing his clients with all they require to turn their dream home into reality. Leisure Parks has over five decades of experience in this industry in Residential or Leisure Park Living. Today he manages four parks across the country, each offering something unique for everyone. Fred's friendly and efficient service is recognised throughout the industry. He takes great pride in being one of the innovators of this niche marketplace. You can learn more about Fred Sines and Leisure Parks UK on their websites.
    DirectorSines Parks Luxury Living Ltd
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Fred Sines currently works as the Director of Sines Parks Luxury Living Ltd, a group of housing communities located in the southern UK. After saving his hard earned pounds, Fred purchased his first park in 1997, following in his father's footsteps. Today, he works hard to implement his experience in creating places that residents over 50 are happy to call home. Each park, from Somerset to Norfolk, offers its residents something unique. For example, the Iford Bridge Park in Bournemouth overlooks the beautiful and calming River Stour. You can also take the dog for a stroll through the 30 acres of picturesque land that is park of Pilgrims Retreat in Kent. Fred Sines believes that in these places, there really is a perfect park and home for everyone.
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    P Award for Outstanding Reviews and
    Fred Sines was honored to win an award from for outstanding reviews and ratings achieved consistently in 2018 for his flagship park in Peterborough, Yarwell Mill Country Park.