Home Truths

  • Alex Wood

This was my entry at this years Graphic Design Festival Scotland Live Brief working under Ilka. Through this live brief, I won an internship at Ilka which will take place in late Summer 2020/ Early 2021. Challenge: To create a something which was inspired by what we identified as, or with “home”. Solution: I decided that to me, home wasn’t necessarily somewhere, it was more through sayings and dialect which reminded me of my “home”. So I decided to act on this and create a concept campaign where ‘HOME TRUTHS’ seeks to bring home comforts and familiarity to any city through these different sayings and dialects. I decided to create a campaign where large interactive screens would be situated in the middle of city centres. These screens would allow you to type in a phrase or saying which reminded you of “home” and then every 10 minutes read one out in whatever language it was written in. Alongside the interactive screens, there would also be an accompanying app which does the same thing but on your phone, allowing it to be more personal to the user. With the app, there would be the technology where it can interpret voices and voicemails that you can upload and it would render the sayings to that voice, allowing it to sound like whoever you desired be it your mum or dad etc! This concept can be carried out globally and in any country as there are so many different languages. Within the presentation, I included some examples of phrases or sayings which were submitted to the Instagram page.