Alex Wood

Alex Wood

Multi-Disciplinary DesignerEdinburgh, United Kingdom
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Alex Wood

Alex Wood

Multi-Disciplinary DesignerEdinburgh, United Kingdom
About me
Hey, I'm Alex and I am a multidisciplinary designer who has recently graduated from Gray's School of Art! I am interested in a broad spectrum of different work and briefs, using a variety of media platforms. I would describe myself as an all rounder as I try not to limit myself as to what I am creatively capable of or my involvement with different fields of practice or work. I enjoy trying my hand at everything, even if I have no experience with it. I am creatively open minded and enjoy the satisfaction of embracing and overcoming a challenge! If you like what you see or want to know more about a project, feel free to contact me:
    REDHEADREDHEAD is a contemporary magazine and app that is dedicated to highlighting the beauty of ginger people and their fashion sense. This publication offers an insight into a world of redheads. Each model within the publication has an introduction page and an interview page which are laid out the same throughout. As well as this, they have multiple double spreads showing off both themselves and their style! After every model there is a typographic page which focusses on different phrases or topic
  • We Are In This Together, With HSBC
    We Are In This Together, With HSBCThese are my final outcomes for D&AD’s New Blood Awards: HSBC Brief. The creative challenge was to illustrate HSBC’s tagline ‘Together We Thrive’ through an airport advertising campaign. As well as this we were to show our outcomes advertised along a jet bridge and in two other areas within an airport. My final concept consisted of 5 different posters which illustrated HSBC’s five core values; Sustainability, Trade & Commerce, Sport, Diversity & Inclusion and Education.
  • Labyrinth
    LabyrinthThe creative challenge for YCN x HMV 2020 brief was to conceive and brand a new physical book store that you'd love to spend time in. My final outcome and submission to this years YCN New Now Student Awards was Labyrinth, a new high-street bookstore inspired by minimalism and sustainability with the desire to encourage people to start falling back in love with books.
  • GDFS T-Shirt Design
    GDFS T-Shirt DesignWhilst taking part in the Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS) 2019, I signed up to Kelly Anna's workshop. We were tasked to create a T-shirt design with whatever subject matter we wanted. I chose greek/roman art and rugby. Once we had created our designs, we were to then upload our designs to Everpress where we had the chance to sell our T-Shirts on Everpress's website. We had to make a minimum of 6 sales for our t-shirts to go to print and thankfully mine did! These were my two outcomes fo
  • Home Truths
    Home TruthsThis was my entry at this years Graphic Design Festival Scotland Live Brief working under Ilka. Through this live brief, I won an internship at Ilka which will take place in late Summer 2020/ Early 2021. Challenge: To create a something which was inspired by what we identified as, or with “home”. Solution: I decided that to me, home wasn’t necessarily somewhere, it was more through sayings and dialect which reminded me of my “home”. So I decided to act on this and create a concept campaign
  • Pure Beer LTD
    Pure Beer LTDPure Beer LTD is a new Aberdeenshire brewing company. They set a competition online asking designers to create a new, minimal and modern logo. These were my two final outcomes. My first design idea was to create a logo using some of the inspirations that Pure Beer LTD had mentioned within the brief. The main imagery that I focused on for the first logo design was a Unicorn. I incorporated the illustration and type into a circular badge design as circles/PI were another inspiration of theirs. A
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Projects credited in
  • Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University, BA (Hons) Communication Design
    Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University, BA (Hons) Communication DesignOur course offers you the opportunity to explore Communication Design through the investigation of traditional techniques and the latest digital technologies and production methods. Industry-led projects, European exchanges, national design competitions, placements and internships are all integral to the curriculum and place an emphasis on the professional and commercial setting.
  • InPerspective Magazine
    InPerspective MagazineGray's School of Art creative culture student magazine, celebrating the art scene and promoting collaboration in Aberdeen city. As co-founder/director my roles included: sourcing local talent to showcase in the magazine and on social media channels, organising team meetings, designing editorial spreads with the sourced creative content, editing the magazine before sending it to print. Special thanks to Lewis Sutherland and Josie Jastrzebski. Photographs © Lewis Sutherland, David Doull, Emil
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Digital Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Publication Design
  • UI Design
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Gray's School of Art
     - Aberdeen, United Kingdom
    I graduated from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours Communication Design with Second Class Honours (1st division) in July 2020.