Pure Beer LTD

  • Alex Wood

Pure Beer LTD is a new Aberdeenshire brewing company. They set a competition online asking designers to create a new, minimal and modern logo. These were my two final outcomes. My first design idea was to create a logo using some of the inspirations that Pure Beer LTD had mentioned within the brief. The main imagery that I focused on for the first logo design was a Unicorn. I incorporated the illustration and type into a circular badge design as circles/PI were another inspiration of theirs. Alongside the standard black and white logo, I added in some colour variations so that the clients could understand that there was potential to add colour if they wanted. For the second logo design, I created a word mark logo that used a combination of lower case and all caps. Within the design, I added a full stop which also illustrates as a beer tap. I did this as Pure Beer stated that this was another one of their influences and inspirations within the brief. Alongside the word mark, I added a wavy line and a pop of colour to illustrate beer/lager, but also create some variation within the design. This was mostly for packaging purposes, but I think that it works with the logo too. My first logo design came second place in the competition! Out of 583 entries, I am extremely pleased with my outcome and myself for managing to place and I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken part in this competition. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing their new products in stores soon.