Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University, BA (Hons) Communication Design

  • Katy Shewan
  • Laura Henderson
  • holly Callaghan
  • Molly Redmond
  • Lauren Baxter
  • Josie Kennedy
  • David James Doull
  • Ellie Jack
  • Tamara Lau
  • Alex Wood
  • Eilidh McArthur
  • Louie Donkin
Our course offers you the opportunity to explore Communication Design through the investigation of traditional techniques and the latest digital technologies and production methods. Industry-led projects, European exchanges, national design competitions, placements and internships are all integral to the curriculum and place an emphasis on the professional and commercial setting.
Mark Pennie
Thomas McKay
Megan Knight
Katy Shewan
Catrin Gray
Holly Callaghan
Josie Kennedy
Robyn Miller
Lauren Baxter
Laura Henderson
Yasmin Ali
Molly Redmond
Jonathan Charles
Tamara Lau
Eilidh McArthur
Louie Donkin
Natalia Zajdel
Ellie Jack
Beric Sharp
Natasha Whatmore
David James Doull
Alex Wood
Catriona Clarke
Siân Copland
Reagan Johnston
Gavin Spence
Jonathan Bell