• Alex Wood

REDHEAD is a contemporary magazine and app that is dedicated to highlighting the beauty of ginger people and their fashion sense. This publication offers an insight into a world of redheads. Each model within the publication has an introduction page and an interview page which are laid out the same throughout. As well as this, they have multiple double spreads showing off both themselves and their style! After every model there is a typographic page which focusses on different phrases or topics related to gingers. This project was completed during my Honours Year at University and it was hindered by the global pandemic; COVID-19. As a result of the virus, I had to find ways to work around being in lockdown and not being able to be in contact with the models or photographers, so I asked each model to photograph themselves in their favourite or most comfortable outfit. *There are 208 pages in the editorial, so not every page of the publication is shown here!*