InPerspective Magazine

  • David James Doull
  • Emile Mbunzama
  • Lewis Sutherland
  • Jovie Jastrzebski
  • holly Callaghan
  • Alex Wood
  • Katy Shewan

Gray's School of Art creative culture student magazine, celebrating the art scene and promoting collaboration in Aberdeen city. As co-founder/director my roles included: sourcing local talent to showcase in the magazine and on social media channels, organising team meetings, designing editorial spreads with the sourced creative content, editing the magazine before sending it to print. Special thanks to Lewis Sutherland and Josie Jastrzebski. Photographs © Lewis Sutherland, David Doull, Emile Mbunzama. In collaboration with Lewis Sutherland, Josie Jastrzebski, Emile Mbunzama, Alex Wood, Holly Callaghan, Jack Smart, Thomas Mckay, Katy Shewan, Lara Dasar, Caragh Docherty, Lauren Maree, Alan Dent, Thomas Shepherd, Laura Cameron, Beric Sharp, Cal Docherty. ​​​​​​​