Hong Kong City Rebranding

  • Christy Luk

This project is a city rebranding of my hometown, Hong Kong. The city is known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (HKSAR). Due to the recent protest, the atmosphere in Hong Kong become worse and local citizens are shown as unsatisfied with the current situation. This is one of the main reasons that I started to explore this topic. Moreover, the current branding of Hong Kong was formed 10 years ago, in 2010. Also, other cities are growing rapidly that new competitors are appearing. Therefore, I think it is time for a change.

In terms of the campaign, the aim is to promote the new brand identity of Hong Kong, spread the message that Hong Kong is the city for people, to remind people the compassion and kindness of the place.
This campaign will be taken both offline and online. The campaign is named as ‘Feel The City’. The whole idea is for people to experience and feel the city through the 5 senses: eyes. nose, mouth, ears and heart. Here I have made 5 posters representing the 5 different senses. Each of the posters have a little paragraph to explain the specific sense.
The tram campaign is a offline campaign that happens once the new branding is launched which is proposed in January 2021. It is an experience for people to feel the city, Hong Kong.

During journey the audience will be able to experience the 5 senses of Hong Kong with your eyes, nose, mouth, ears and your heart. For eyes, you will seeing one of the most significant street view- neon light. Then, for nose, on the tram, lightly sea salt perfume will be sprayed. Therefore people can smell the ‘fragrant harbour’.

After that, there will be street food on the tram for people to ‘taste’ Hong Kong. Also, there will be some of the local citizens from different age groups talking about their stories and experience in Hong Kong. This requires you to hear them with ears and feel the compassion and kindness of the city with your heart.
Moreover, on the map, at each station, different colours are there to symbolise the sense is presented. You may also hop-on and off to the street, every 5 sense tram will arrive in 30 minutes. Therefore, people can go explore the place.
There are two parts of the online campaign. First, there will be a video online placed on different social platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. After that, on the BrandHK Official website, there will be different local Hong Kong people's story and experience, applying the 'Hear' and 'Feel' The city of the campaign. Furthermore, some celebrities and influencers are invited to post content about their 5 senses of Hong Kong on social media pages. Some of the video creators will be posting a video of showing people around Hong Kong and share their 5 sense experience.
I have also redesign the BrandHK's webpage and create an app design.