Hotel Honeko

  • Christy Luk

This is a branding design project for Hotel Honeko, a cat hotel located on the cat island Tashirojima in Japan. Honeko, its name is formed by ‘Home’ and ‘Neko’, pronunciation of cats in Japanese. The aim of this brand is a getaway from the noisy and crowded city lifestyle. The customers may enjoy, relax the well-being and peace that cats can bring to human. It is a non-medical method of healing, also known as cat therapy.

For offline activation, it is a cat themed train, located in London Underground and certain train platforms, such as King Cross and Canary Wharf, where most offices are.

In the cat train, there will be paw marks on the floor and window. It will be a silent train with cat purring sound for commuters to enjoy the peace in a fast pace city. As report, stroking cats everyday can reduce the chance of getting heart diseases more than a third, therefore, the seats will be in manmade cat fur, which makes the people feel the softness of cats.
For online, it will be presented on the social platforms and there will be advertisement on the public transports.
This online activation is using the concept scratch cards and cat paws. When we are using our phone at home and when your cats want attention from you, they will usually place their paws on your devices. Therefore, by using this idea, the user needs to swipe away the paws in order to see the QR code, to see have they win the prize of a free flight to Japan and two nights stay in Hotel Honeko.