How to manage people effectively | May 12. Get tickets here.

  • Simone Baird
So you’ve been promoted. Now you’ve got a team you’re responsible for, KPIs and a sparkly new job title. You got the manual on how to manage people and communicate with key stakeholders while still doing your day job, right? No? 
Managing people – be they freelancers, remote workers, Millennial newbies or seasoned veterans – can be the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. It can also be the most difficult. 
In this day-long workshop, you’ll discover the most effective tips, techniques and work processes picked up from some of the top (as well as, ahem, some of the worst) managers and leaders around. You’ll learn from other people’s hard-won experience and hear some frank and honest accounts of the reality of managing people in today’s rapidly-changing world where people and teams from all walks of life and industry regularly collide. 
You’ll leave the course with a clear understanding of different stakeholder and team management styles and techniques you can adapt according to the situation at hand (which can and will change constantly), giving you a sense of control and purpose, as well as a resources pack full of useful tools and routes to further learning.
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Sessions will include:  - The basics: your responsibilities, their rights - Finding, hiring, firing - Managing people: up, down and sideways - Stakeholder management: from champion and key to outliers - Providing effective targets and feedback: how to bring the best out of your team - The ten mistakes every new manager will make, and how to fix them as quickly as possible
The ticket price includes a buffet lunch, and tea and coffee.