How to reshape your career in the tech/digital space - LIKE MINDED FEMALES x VODAFONE

The UK remains hotbed for tech talent, employing 5% of all high-growth tech workers globally, placing the UK ahead of Japan, France and India (Tech Nation, 2019) and leads the rest of the world in Fintech. Google trends shows that searching for the topic of "tech" has gone up by 350% in the last year. Investment data shows that AI, Cyber and Big Data are growing in importance for UK tech scaleups. This means that the UK may be about to see more jobs generated in these sectors (Tech Nation, 2019) but, the ongoing question is : HOW do we change our career into a Tech/Digital role? Why should you attend? Join us as we discuss the mysteries of Tech and how we can support you in changing your career into one which is Tech and Digital savvy. The panel will host tech leaders and change makers, who are interested in encouraging those looking to enter or progress within the industry. What is the agenda? 6:00 pm - Doors Open 6 :30 pm - Introduction, Panel Discussion with Q&A 8:00 pm - Networking & Refreshments 9:00 pm - Closing Like Minded Females x Vodafone