Hugo Boss global pitch

  • Nick Tebbutt
The brief
Relaunch the global fashion icon at both a brand level and a customer-experience level.
The response
My team stripped Hugo Boss back to basics, building on a full audit of their business and consumer pain-points to develop a new brand positioning. We then created two consumer campaigns to target the emotional needs of Hugo Boss shoppers.
My part in the project
- Developing a fresh strategic creative platform for the brand alongside senior strategists and UX leads
- Building this brand-level story into range-specific positioning to give Hugo Boss a consistent way to talk to about their products
- Collaborating with digital and in-store shopper design teams to put our brand positioning at the heart of their work
- Creating two integrated campaigns that launched the new branding and gave people new ways to make the products part of their lives
- Co-ordinating a global team of designers, creatives and motion graphics designers to create the final pitch presentation
- Owning the storytelling of the final deck
- Presenting the work to internal global C-suite stakeholders, and supporting the CEO, CCO and European ECD during each phase of the pitch process
The results
We made it through to the final stage of a gruelling nine-month pitch process - which sadly ended without a result due to internal restructuring at Hugo Boss.
Re-launching Hugo Boss
Our strategic position put the emotional impact of Hugo Boss' fine tailoring and forward-thinking design at the heart of the new identity.
Campaign 1: Before We Begin
Our integrated launch campaign focused on the moments we most need confidence, using influencer content and innovative ad spaces like this interactive piece of OOH to make an emotional connection between clothing and feeling empowered to achieve.
Campaign 2: My Boss Mix
Hugo Boss was losing market share with female shoppers - it always presented women's clothing as complete outfits, rather than individual items that could be added to capsule wardrobes. Our campaign recast key Boss items as core pieces through a UGC-driven lookbook - giving women the confidence to make Boss part of their own unique style.