Hydration Boosted

  • Sarah Harry-Isaacs
  • Danika Magdelena
  • Dionne Hélène
  • James Fickling
  • Sandra Wilson-Hess

Spearheaded a comprehensive 360° campaign spotlighting the transformative benefits of The Body Shop’s revered Vitamin E skincare range. Focusing on the iconic Vitamin E range, I meticulously crafted a visual narrative that not only highlights the skincare benefits but also champions a deeper connection with the audience. Hydration, a core element of the range, takes centre stage, with each frame resonating with a sense of replenishment, vitality and beautiful skin! My commitment to diversity extended to every phase of the campaign, from ideation and art direction to photography and post-production. This project is not just about showcasing a skincare line; it’s about presenting a lifestyle, an experience, and a celebration of radiant, hydrated skin.