I Am Not My Trauma

Racism is a social construct with an age-long myriad of ‘issues’ that are intergenerational and nuanced. ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ Factual docuseries is focused on changing the narrative on racism towards black people, changing the collective stories we tell ourselves to facilitate the change we want to see. Bringing a deeper awareness of our ‘truths’ and what it feels like to experience trauma as a direct effect of racism. Moreover, inform what can be done with that knowledge and understanding to create new norms that support and dismantle stereotypes steeped in negative differences. Using a shared interpretation of how racism works through lived experiences, ‘I Am Not My Trauma’, shines a lens on a diverse set of individuals with unique, yet parallel stories, told in both the USA and UK, each race has a role to play in making the change towards racial equity… A small victory in the fight against racism.