I AM: Unconventional Second Hand Clothing Brand

I AM is a UK based second hand clothing brand that encourages its customers to 'make their statement'; rather than follow mass fast fashion trends. I AM provides those with little time, skills, or disposable income the knowledge and materials to mend, customise and transform garments to make them their own.

I AM shopfronts will create impact, reinforcing the brands values of being loud, confident and playful.
Promotional posters will be displayed around the towns and cities where the retail outlets are located. Rather than using traditional rectangle dimensions, the posters play with the idea of unconvention; by folding, revealing the reverse of the poster which traditionally is not seen.
Social media is integral to getting the brand seen. The social media package will contain imagery of products, postal boxes, the latest news and animated instructions on ways to mend, customise and transform clothing.
The majority of the brands audience will be reached by social media. These short animations are just part of a wider package. The turning of imagery and changing type represent the adjustments that can be made to clothing, giving it a completely new and less ordinary look.
Weekly publications will be available in store for customers to pick up, providing them with insight into the fashion world as well as different ideas for how to mend, customise and transform their clothing. Each publication will be folded differently, reinforcing the idea of being unique and going against mass consumption.
Clothing labels have been designed in layers, looking ordinary at first glance, before revealing different customisation techniques beneath in a typographic way. The format of the labels encourages customers to engage and interact with the items that they are looking at.
In addition to physical shops, customers will be able to purchase clothing online. Each box will also contain extra tools and materials needed to transform the clothing.
The website provides a platform for online sales as well as providing a regular blog which is easy to access for anyone. This blog will educate consumers on different way they can adjust clothing to reinvent it in a way that is more personal to them.

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