I.D. Sarreri

  • Lucianne Soley

Celebrating the art of getting dressed. SERVICES Monthly Design Retainer Email Design - Mailchimp + Klaviyo Press Invites Marketing Materials Animated Gifs I.D. Sarrieri will always hold a special place in our hearts. They were Lucianne’s first official client before Soley Creative became a fully-fledged studio and we’ve continued to work with them ever since. Our partnership with I.D. Sarrieri began with a request to deliver email designs on a monthly basis, alongside homepage banners to match. There were also ad-hoc graphic design requests like press day invitations, note cards for influencer gifting and other one-off marketing collateral. Every deliverable needed to echo their luxurious product, artisan craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. I.D. is a luxury lingerie brand designed to be seen and empower the wearer turning her into her most powerful self. They want to be known for their exquisite materials and attention to detail, as well as the seductive allure wearing Chantilly lace offers. We worked with their email templates, testing the boundaries of the design to ensure a premium deliverable that was too enticing not to click. Sticking most often to monochromatic graphics and allowing the pops of pink and blue lace to speak for themselves. A modern sans-serif font and classy serif are paired for a commercial hierarchy that adds elegance without losing a drop of legibility. I.D. has gone from strength to strength and we are now working with the team to improve email deliverability with Klaviyo, as well a guiding their design principles on a monthly basis to strategise design treatments as part of the core team. We are so proud to contribute to the brand’s success.