I Love You Infinity Project

  • Lisa Berenson
  • Maciej Baron
  • Chris Droom
  • Oriana Gaeta

An infinite broadcast of 'I love yous’ on the web, and through the post, to challenge harmful myths around autism and emotion for Autism Awareness Week 2020.

I Love You Infinity is an autism awareness campaign by copywriter Lisa Berenson and her son William, in partnership with designer Oriana Gaeta (RGA) and Good Praxis Coop.

The project is inspired by the unique, mathematical way William expresses his love by counting ‘I love yous’. The team recorded and programmed his voice to allow him to continue counting forever online, to share the infinite love that can live inside an autistic heart. They are also sending postcards with messages of love to people at home to lift spirits in these uncertain times. Together they hope to raise awareness around the different ways autistic minds express and experience and love.

The infinite audio begins on 30 March 2020 at 10:00 AM and will continue counting 'I love yous' forever. The project aims to raise money for the National Autistic Society. The team is also collecting and sharing real ASD stories of love submitted by followers on Instagram.