I'm An A&E Doctor & This Month Feels Like Black Mirror

  • Amile Inusa
  • Jess Commons

Amile Inusa is a junior doctor from London in her fourth year of work. In this Refinery29 feature article, she shares what it's been like tackling COVID-19. Some patient-specific details have been edited in the interest of preserving anonymity.

Text in image 1: Pulling off my gloves and mask, it struck me that my PPE was not only a necessary physical barrier but an emotional one, too. No longer would patients be able to see me shoot them a reassuring smile or feel the touch of my warm hand on their shoulder. All I could rely on from here on out was comforting words, vigorous nods and sympathetic sounds.
Text in image 2: So please don't judge me if you see me obsessively doing workouts on Instagram Live or buying yet another syrup for my home coffee station; just know that it’s my way of getting through this time.
Full article here: https://www.refinery29.com/en-gb/doctor-front-line-coronavirus-nhs