IB Makers IV

  • Linda Romano
  • Mari Carmen Gainza

Invisible Beauty Makers is Fundación Puig’s programme to support social projects led by young people. The energy behind such force of change is Puig’s staff. The challenge was to increase their voluntary participation while honouring their role in transforming society. How could we drive commitment when they had so many other things to do? There’s nothing more empowering than knowing you’re making the right choice. So we helped a bit. With guerrilla-style designs and instigating language, we presented the staff with just two options, and left it to them to choose where they belonged: the haters or the doers, the barkers or the biters, the passive employee or the energy of real change. Creative Direction: Ana Simón Art Direction / Design: Linda Romano, Mari Carmen Gainza ​​​​​​​ Client: Real Stories