• Mason Wong

A complete brand refresh for the IBM internal organisation - Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Group. The minimal approach allows the logo to be widely adaptable for different occasions and media formats, whilst portraying the key elements of inclusivity, diversity, equality and support. My role as a Visual Designer saw me develop the stylistic direction and designs of the project as well as ensuring frequent feedback sessions with the client were held for further refinements.

Role: Visual Designer (IBM iX) Duration: 4 weeks

#Branding #Storytelling
Initial Research

The element of appearance although plays an important role in the overall branding, the equally crucial factor of the emotions and message behind the organisation must be portrayed clearly. The organisation was better understood through research into their mission statement and overall community, allowing a clearly co-defined direction. Through this, the stylistic direction was established through the gathering of mood-boards and inspirations.

Initially I researched into what existing logos there are, and how each element has been portrayed in their respective branding. This provided inspiration to the potential design direction of what could be utilised in the case for IBM BAME UK, where the fundamental aspects of the organisation are already very clearly identified.
Design Language and Style

The refinement of typefaces and simple geometries were further developed in the process, as I believe the characteristics of a typeface can heavily reflect the story behind the organisation. This led to the focus of the branding to lie on a typeface logo. Back to previously mentioned key aspects of the organisation' - inclusivity, diversity, equality and support, I researched a variety of fonts which portrayed these elements best, and then further refined it through experimentation in colours and in different scenarios.

Regular feedback sessions held with clients also allowed an iterative approach to the development of the logo, tailoring the outcome to what is desired.

The frame supports the idea of inclusivity, engagement and focus. The frames are not completely enclosed, as otherwise that would suggests confinement and isolation. Instead, it suggests freedom, room to expand and explore. It symbolises support; internally strong - we all have each others’ back.

Viga is friendly facing typeface, it presents a mixture of round and sharp corners, symbolising diversity. Weight of the typeface is bold, symbolising strength and confidence. The option of the increased spacing between letters suggests the concept of freedom.

The clean line work leaves the opportunity to explore the application of various colours, allowing the adaption of the logo for different events or environment.