Ibsen in China White Book

  • Jamie Chow
"Ibsen in China" White Book proudly presents a collection of works Ibsen, a Norwegian performing art group, has done in China with different groups from all around the world in 2010-2016.

"Connecting the world through performing art" is the vision of Ibsen and we have chosen to use the idea of sailing logbook to package the stories in the book. On the cover, there is a compass representing China that is linked by dots to the compass representing Norway on the back cover.
During the sailing history, Chinese exported a lot of chinaware, it was an inspiring exchange of art, the craftsmen no longer limit their creativity on the objects from their own country.
This is a good connection to our "Ibsen in China" White Book which is about the exchange of art and culture. So I combine the Chinese and Nordic symbol or pattern as a plate art to make an introduction for each chapter in the white book.
To enrich the reading experience of this thick archive, I have added the quotes from the performers or participants in Ibsen as breaking pages. This friendly and welcoming approach has also helped to strengthen the brand image.
A strict yet flexible grid and visual system is applied throughout the whole book.