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  • Jack Andrew Lenton
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In the last two years, Icons has undergone a series of groundbreaking transformations; changing the company's strategic direction from a curator to creator of furniture for the modern workplace.

The company transition included a 2019 rebrand and the release of ten new products (in my ten years in the design industry; this is the most I've seen released in two years by a factor of 5!) With each of these developments, Icons needed to build meaningful mindshare with their target clients and broader industry contacts.
I've seen both perspectives of media releases - both as the creator of press packs and a journalist tasked with disseminating the news. Ultimately, the narrative needs to intrigue the reader while rapidly connecting them to the story's essence.
Captivating the reader's attention in the opening statement is essential in creating a newsworthy release - from this keystone content, the body copy organically flows. Researching the product was vital in finding the interesting applications of the product's form and function. Peppering the content with snippets of interviews from various voices (such as the company owner, the designers and manufacturers) ensures the copy is fresh, bright and relevant to the reader.
Since 2016, I've written eighteen press releases. From the release of game-changing sustainability drives to insightful product copy that gets to the heart of its differentiation and benefit to the buyer.