IKEA's digital transformation and sustainability initiatives

  • Laura Åkerblom

Restructuring, redesigning and rewriting large volumes of digital content as part of IKEA's global digital transformation project and sustainability initiatives. The bulk of the work entailed producing large volumes of consistently high quality English language content that adhered to IKEA's strict tone of voice and brand identity. But, being a digital transformation project, it also meant finding creative ways to reduce text volumes and improve digestibility. As one of the senior copywriters on this project, I was also responsible for the overall vision and strategy of each brief I was assigned. This meant interpreting, ideating, designing, coordinating and leading the production of all creative elements within each brief, including illustrations, infographics, animated films, motion graphics, symbology, typography, interactive graphics, complex diagrams and image selection. I can't upload any examples of my work as this project is covered by a confidentiality agreement.