Ikea & Tom Dixon instillation at Chelsea Flower show 2019

"Gardening will save the world" is an experimental model for growing plants in the urban environment. Divided into two levels, the garden combines a hydroponic laboratory growing hyper -natural edibles with a canopy- like ecosystem for trees, flowers & plants with medicinal, health & environmental benefits. My main role within this project was design engineer for the cork flooring layout and all of the large planters along the staircases and surroundings of the installation. Planters: Several planters were designed dependant on the location within the structure, my role was to draw up and design the assembly of these planters ready for the fabrication process. Cork flooring: I was given the overall layout for stair tread's and flooring we needed to cover with bonded plywood and cork. Using Solidworks and Alpha cam I had to calculate the amount of sections needed in correlation to the bed size of our CNC cutter & also in reference to the fixed size of sheet material.