Ikigai Concept

  • Alistair Webster
  • Maja Nenadov Webster

Let's talk about IKIGAI - a Japanese concept, ideology on finding the purpose in life, which has been widely associated with Japanese long life expectancy. Ikigai is a combination of Japanese words IKIRU, meaning “to live” and KAI, meaning “the sensation of what hopes for”. Together, these definitions create “a reason to live” or having a life purpose. Your ikigai is your reason for jumping out of bed in the morning, what motivates you to revel in and appreciate life every day. It’s common for freelancers to try and be all things to all people. But doing this will leave you to spread too thin. It’s best to focus on what you are passionate about, and where you can make a real impact. And of course, you need to get paid, so you can live a comfortable life too. That’s why Ikigai concept is widely used in business. According to Japanese culture, everyone has ikigai. Detecting our strengths is not always easy. To find your Ikigai, you must ask yourself: 1. What do I love? (passion) 2. What am I good at? (vocation) 3. What can I be paid for? (profession) 4. What does the world need? (mission) Ikigai is the union point of four fundamental components of life: passion, vocation, profession and mission. In other words, where; what you love meets what you are good at, meets what you can be valued and paid for meets that which the world needs. Start working on your questions, and see how your answers fit in the Ikigai fundamental components.

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