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Freelance Success is an educational platform and community with a mission to help more people find the courage and confidence to take that leap, and live their freelance dreams! It is founded by Alistair Webster, online entrepreneur who's been working freelance for the last ten years – building businesses, and working with some of the biggest brands in the world from, to the University of Oxford. His client work has been showcased everywhere from the halls of the Houses of Parliament to the pitch of an England international cricket game. He launched his first freelance business – a copywriting agency called Destination Copywriting – ten years ago. He moved to beautiful Granada in Spain, and he didn’t speak the language – so he needed some money to live. He figured freelancing was the solution. He worked with some great clients during that time, and his first taste of the world of freelancing showed him that it was possible to live an exciting flexble lifestyle, and earn a steady income while doing it. Three years later, he returned to the UK and enjoyed a full time role for three years, but didn't stop freelancing! During this time, he found that he could top up his income taking on fun projects – so he launched a side-project Alistair Webster Freelance. This gave him an amazing platform when the itch became too stong, and he left to return to be full-time freelance once again. With a business already set up, he was able to simply ramp up his work, and make a seamless transition into freelancing. And he's been freelance ever since! Thanks to the long-term relationships he's had with multiple clients, he's also managed to dedicate time to passion projects – including the launch of GBM Music, a Nottingham based record label that releases music with a purpose. It started as a passion project, but quickly gained international attention, and has evolved into a stable and fun passive income stream for him. Taking full advantage of the freedom and flexibility that comes with being freelance, he began travelling across Europe full time with his girlfriend and business partner. In March this year, he co-founded Destination Marketing, a boutique marketing and design agency, which specialises in the travel industry. Might seem like a bad timing – but the agency nevertheless has managed to grow and land exciting projects with luxurious hotels around Europe. His businesses all look quite different on the surface, but they all have one crucial thing in common – he has applied the same, proven system and process to them all. Being a successful freelancer for over a decade, Alistair has learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful, and what mistakes you should avoid as a (new) freelancer. He's passionate about sharing everything he's learned along the way, and sharing the exact steps that he follows to launch new businesses, build multiple income streams, and work from anywhere. He truly believes that right now is the best time in history to go freelance – and he wants to show you how!

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