How to tell clients you are raising your rates

  • Maja Nenadov Webster

As your freelancing business, your skills and experience grow, it’s only natural (and expected) that your prices will follow that growth as well. But, it’s really common for freelancers to deal the day they increase their prices – just to avoid having to face the discomfort and awkwardness of communicating this news with their regular clients. This points back to an all too common problem that we face as freelancers – we don’t think of ourselves as real businesses. The truth is you are a business, and like most businesses – your prices will go up over time, and your customers will expect that. If you are able to communicate your price rise well – your clients will almost always understand and support your decision to raise the rates. If they don’t then that suggests they don’t really understand the value you provide. Chances are they are difficult clients to work with anyway. So in this article, we’re going to share some tips on how to tell your clients you are raising your rates, and things to have in mind when doing so. Continue reading: