ILA Portrait Series: A Contemporary Visual Commentary on Tibal Marks

  • Baingor Joiner
  • fiona anderson
The portfolio from which the present work derives – features images taken by Baingor Joiner in May 2017 in Laogs, Nigeria. The series was created as part of a wider conversation on tribal marks, which were recently outlawed by the Osun State government in April 2017. In this series, Joiner provides a quaint portrayal of the ‘‘‘b’’anned’’ and ‘uncivilized’ tribal marks. The juxtaposing of man and nature is a constant in these images: to represent the control, or perhaps lack there of over the marks sported proudly by subjects. As if to say, ‘‘things were always going to be this way’
Further Information:
Man in Rings (c. May '17)
He goes by Artist Paul, from Warri and is the only child in his family who sports tribal marks. As a child, he was frequently ill and was given the marks as a form of protection.
Bubble Lady (c. May '17)
Florence is from Jos, she's blowing a bubble and sports a singular line in the middle of each cheek, and has a third mark on her forehead that she did herself. A rare occurence.
Good For You (c. May '17)
Armando is from Kogi. He's a very expressive individual, with an asymmetrical tongue. Call it his ninth tribal mark.
Snake Eyes (c. May '17)
Wale is from Ibadan. He sports tribal marks artfully distributed across each cheek
Untitled (c. May '17)