• João Pescada

Artspace for a talented young artist. A responsive website. Done in November 2016.

Late in 2016 I stumbled upon a few amazing illustration artworks done by a family member. Later I realised he had no online presence and was struggling to promote his work. So I decided to help him for free.

Because most of his artworks are physical objects and commissioned, we spent a few weeks contacting owners and getting good photos to publish online. Once these started coming in, we filtered and catalogued all artworks to understand how to best display them together, to generate more interest and commission requests.

The end result is a simple dynamic one page website with little interactive animations and transitions that work on any device.

After launch, the website got featured and awarded on a few design outlets that increased visibility of the artworks via social networks and search engines. Also to increase the online exposure, I keep helping him to plan his social media updates.

Although this project was done for free, my commitment was in no way smaller. Apart from documenting the artworks, I tackled all tasks to create this project. Edited the photos, wrote the editorial and promotional content, ran user tests, designed and built the interface and content editor.


The website was built in HTML5 using the browser’s History API to speed up page navigation as well as little CSS3 animations to enhance the experience. It’s a vanilla Javascript MVC based app that pulls content out of a custom backend PHP backend API that allows easy content management, syndication and search engine indexing.