Immersive Theatre Set Model: 'Carnival ' : @ Boundless Theatre & @ Science Gallery

  • Camille Lesforis

I was commissioned to design and make a 6 room set model for Boundless Theatre alongside Theatre Practitioner Natalya Martin. Over the 6 week project, I designed, sourced and researched ways to create a concept that was multi-sensorial and beneficial for people with complex needs in a theatrical space. Duties- Working with immersive theatre practitioners: I collaborated with lead theatre practitioner of boundless theatre, to create a visual concept and proposal for a multi-sensorial interactive theatre experience, targeted at audiences with complex needs. Set model making: I created a miniature scaled set model of the interactive installation that consisted of 6 different rooms. All rooms reflected props, lighting rigging and projection mapping examples. The model was scaled and measured accurately to reflect a life-size concept. Time/ budget management: I created a project tracker ensuring all deadlines of the set model were on time ready to pitch at the Science Gallery to external stakeholders. I also ensured that my making budget didn’t exceed beyond this, enabling all materials to be noted and source carefully. Presenting to directors & partners: I presented my model at the Science Gallery to approximately 30-40 attendees within a 30-minute slot to various partners, directors and practitioners of art venues such as Southbank Centre, Roundhouse and the Vaults. I used Prezi/ Pinterest to present research, development work and examples of inspiration with a finale of showcasing the miniature rigged set model.