Impress Publishing Rebrand

  • Yasmin Carter-Morgan

For the 40th anniversary of Impress Publishing we (at university) were 'comissioned' to design a re-brand. After a lot of research I decided to take main inspiration from Phil Cleaver's book on logos using animals. I asked myself what kind of animal would Phil Cleaver (head of Impress) be? He thought a monkey and I thought the African Grey Parrot because of it's intelligence, capacity for creativity and it's elegance. . I proceeded to design an identity for the rebrand using a feather to illustrate the African Grey Parrot. Then, partially due to the phrase 'Polly wants a cracker' going around and around in my head I decided to display three of Impress Publishing's books as crackers in a collector’s edition cracker box. I hand-made full miniatures of the books and hand-made the cracker box with draw and inlay, et voila! An anniversary rebrand as unique as Phil Cleaver.

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