InDeeArea responsive website

Taught project
I was asked to produce a website design for activities or events in Reading town. InDeeArea is a platform to discover independent shops near you. It combines search engine functionality with a journey planner to provide an experience that allows the user to plan anything from a day out or a quick trip to town.
InDeeArea focuses on creating an intuitive user experience for a number of audiences; students, locals and tourists. Creating a flow diagram that incorporated the user journeys helped to ensure the site was optimised for these audiences, enabling them to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.
Testing of the website occurred at all stages of the development. User testing the design with wire frames early on meant that large changes could be quickly implemented and refined. 
Both the desktop and mobile site needed to work equally effectively in delivering the content. This often required differing solutions to a problem on each of the screen sizes.


Ed Hendry

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  • Graphic Designer, Illustrator, 3D artist, typographer.

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