INDIE | Putting the Network to Work: An interview with Otegha Uwagba

  • Rachel Wilson
Otegha Uwagba has so many impressive credentials to her name, it’s hard to know where to begin. Since launching Women Who, the network she founded for creative women, she’s gone on to write a Sunday Times bestseller, as well as hosting her own podcast, In Good Company, and featuring on the prestigious Forbes “30 Under 30” media list. It’s quite the roster of accolades, one that’s been achieved in the short two year stint since she first launched Women Who. Looking at the timeline, it would be easy to think her success effortless. But to simply describe Uwagba as a wunderkind would be doing her a disservice. On meeting Uwagba in her hometown of London, it’s eminently clear that she’s pursued her goals with passion, direction and a whole lot of hard work from the start. You could say she’s quite literally taken a leaf out of her own book—the bestselling Little Black Book, a guide for creative women, whose millennial-pink cover has become something of a mainstay on the Instagram feeds of career-minded creatives, emerging and established alike...


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