The Goat Agency is the best influencer marketing agency in the world. With clients including Lidl, Formula E, New Look, UEFA, Malibu and more, Goat’s sole aim is to deliver more effective and authentic online engagement for clients. Goat guarantees results because it has collected data on campaigns for more than three years across a network of over 70,000 influencers. Working to increase the professionalism of the influencer industry, we bridge the gap between brands and their audience. Get in touch at for more details on campaigns and how we can help. We produce a daily vlog on how we're growing a global agency, check out the videos on our socials: The Goat Agency. It takes less than 5 minutes to catch up with what's been happening at Goat HQ. From planning our strategy in Singapore to reviewing global campaigns, we're throwing open the doors on another day in our global agency. In this episode hear Arron discussing the power of influencer marketing, join us in the boardroom for a client meeting, and sit with the founders discussing our most innovative campaign to date. SUBSCRIBE for more: YouTube: The Goat Agency