Information on packaging - Paracetamol 500mg Caplets

  • Navira Ahmed

Finding a way to improve for 65+ people to improve accessibility to redesign the information on the label having the important information on packaging using the statement of Jeremy Myerson. ​ I have redesigned the Paracetamol simple as possible so it's readable the colour scheme that I have chosen were both for normal vision and for visually impaired depending on type of eye vision of the 65 + person. The colour for visual impaired is important especially for 65+ people so they feel easy to read as they feel easy with the colour seeing yellow on black able to read and see easily. Paracetamol for Normal Vision. I have redesigned the paracetamol packaging using the blue colour scheme of NHS,on the front of the paracetamol packaging a blue curve so 65+ people are able to see straight away,attention to the caplets illustration,so the audience know what type of medicine it is. Paracetamol for Visualy Impaired who are able to see black on yellow. It is important that 65+ who have lower vision. They need special care because of their deficiency so they feel easy to pick up the paracetamol box in the colour, they are able to see which is yellow on black.