Inside Abbey Road VR

  • Alexander Thurman
  • Steve Whapshott
  • david allen
  • Rozalia De Cet


To promote awareness for Google Cardboard using the Inside Abbey Road project which enables viewers to step through the doors of the illustrious studio where some of the most iconic albums have been recorded.


We created a campaign event illustrating how Google Cardboard can literally open doors to places that are generally off limits. The centrepiece of the campaign was a giant Cardboard viewer situated at Kings Cross station where passerbys can trial the VR experience or peer through the giant eye holes to get a glimpse of the interior that had been decked out as the famous 'Studio 2.' Additionally, we created; Underground posters, introductory VR boxes for influencers, volunteers apparel as well as a couple of photo opportunities and NME cover design.


  • Toaster logo


    • Design