Inspired by Their True Nature - True Instinct

  • Dai Roberts
Our pets’ natural instincts form part of their in-built intelligence, which in turn shapes their unique personalities: the personalities that make them so special to us, and inspire the love and care we show them.
We created a brand and a launch campaign that celebrates the extraordinary nature of our pets which inspires us to form such close, special bonds with them.


Our campaign launch captured the intimate nature of the relationship between pet and pet parent. Each shot showed both mirroring each other’s personality and action, embodying a mutual love and appreciation between the two subjects; a pet in tune with their natural instincts and a parent that understands what’s best for them, who gives them what they’d naturally seek to eat.


To launch the brand to prospective customers and distributors, we told the story of how pets surprise us every day and this ability to exceed our expectations enhances our love and respect for them. It inspires us to seek a deeper understanding of them and strengthen the special bond we have with them. It reminds us how extraordinary they are and prompts us to always do right by them with True Instinct.


Using Natures Menu’s sponsorship of Crufts 2018 as the launch pad for our True Instinct Campaign, we surrounded the NEC with our creative in the car parks and around the Birmingham International station, as well as inside the exhibition as part of the Natures Menu stand.


Starting with Pets At Home and independent pet stores, we gave True Instinct a distinct and premium in store pressence to cut through a very crowded market place. Natures Menu’s own online-based distribution network got a True Instinct makeover also to spread the message to existing Natures Menu customers.