Inspiring Portugal

  • Megan Taylor
  • Gerard McGuickin
In its second outing at London Design Fair, Inspiring Portugal will celebrate a new generation of Portuguese designers. Curated by Lisbon-based designer Marco Sousa Santos—a leading protagonist of contemporary Portuguese design—Inspiring Portugal spotlights the country’s ‘new blood’ in a stirring and fresh exhibition entitled ‘RAW’.
Combining a choice selection of rational and experimental design projects—both individual and group-based—RAW will demonstrate the breadth and diversity of a new generation of Portuguese designers. A common denominator amongst the designers is the focus on experimentation with materials and a tendency towards design that affords the primacy of matter over the idea. This approach reveals the beauty of unfinished work—that ‘raw’, essential and natural element. Moreover, this new generation of Portuguese designers value a slower, workshop-based approach to design, making use of traditional methods alongside new technologies.
'This exhibition reflects a return to the essential elements of creativity in the design of Portuguese products. Portugal has been fostering its rich and resilient manufacturing heritage, while simultaneously making use of its elementary, but experienced, Portuguese design industry. Innovative collaborations and projects have come about as a result.'
-Marco Sousa Santos, curator of Inspiring Portugal: RAW

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