Interactive Game - Simon Waves

  • Navira Ahmed

The game called Simon Waves inspire by Simon say. A memory and a guessing game. This game is to inform people so that they should know how internal noise sound as we don’t really hear these noises. Reflecting back on the theory of Marshal Mc Luhan “medium is the message” Game palate 1. I have used sound like of telephone,phone,record and radio. 2. vaccume cleaner on/off,mouse clicks,printer and laptop typing. 3. tv,white noise,satellite and antenna. How to play: the pattern of waves will make noise if you touch it,the second person has to guess the waves what noise he or she is hearing. - I have designed this game called Simon Waves because I have kept it the originality of the game. Simon says but I have changed it a little bit by the way the game is being played. - A memory and a guessing game inspired by Simon says. 850,000 people live with dementia in the UK if we don’t take action this number is predicted to rise to over two million by 2051. Alzheimer disease starts from 65,if Alzheimenr is running in your genes, or maybe your grandparents have it you might inherit it earlier in the age of 40s,50s this type of the disease is called "familial Alzheimer's disease." so to avoid this everyone should get involved children,teenagers,adult,middle age and elderly people so it is for everyone to help avoid the diseases like alzheimer,dementia. - The process I have used is to make stamps and put conductive paint on the felt and have also painted the waves on top of each 4 colours so represents the internal sound wave of each. - Used plywood to make stamps and put conductive paint.