• Matt Rice
  • Josh Ellis
  • Christoph Lorenzi
  • Hege Aaby
  • Sofia Carobbio

Website and sound responsive visual identity. Intermusica is a leading classical music agency, representing some of the most talented artists around the globe. As innovators in their field Intermusica were not afraid to embrace our bold concept for the new visual identity. From the outset we were eager to explore the idea of a sound responsive logo and to create a visual identity in constant flux, imbued with music and energy. The static logo is simple, with the circle representing the core of the business and the surrounding square symbolising music in all its forms. Triggered by music these shapes break apart, moving in time to the classical piece playing. Developing the website alongside the visual identity meant that each informed the other throughout the process. Bold shapes form compositions that express motion and energy in the printed materials. On the website the content ‘building blocks’ glide around the page, making motion integral to the site interactivity. With frequent workshops and close collaboration we worked with Intermusica to develop an intuitive user interface and restructure a huge volume of content. We created a bespoke content management system that is integrated with their existing booking management software.