International Women's Day Collaboration with Nu-in Fashion

  • Sophie Rose Brampton

I’ve teamed up with nu-in, a sustainable fashion forward brand on a t-shirt design as part of their “buy for good” initiative which is rethinking the way they sell their overstock to decrease wasteful buying all while donating to charities close to them, I’ve created a t-shirt design focusing on women speaking up against injustice and inequality. 15% goes to both the charities: Equality Now and The Female Lead. Mine and another artists t shirts have together raised €7800 so far! ✨ Equality Now - believe in creating a just world where women and girls have the same rights as men and boys. They believe in tackling the most difficult issues, challenging ingrained cultural assumptions and calling out inequality ✨ The Female Lead - Reveal the factors that limit women’s equality and amplify voices in order to drive real change and improve economic outcomes Nu-in don’t make a profit from Buy For Good items, making it an environmentally and consciously friendly way to support charity � Get the t shirt here!