Interview @ The Tempest

  • Ruby Dhal

An short written interview for the release of my third book, 'My Hope for Tomorrow'

In a world where suffering perpetually festers by shape-shifting from one dissuading embitterment onto another, solace may be sought from the redeeming verses of those who strive hard to bring a glimmer of hope into our lives.
Let me introduce you to one such individual: Ms. Ruby Dhal, an empath who devoted her life’s work to combat your lingering hurt with her words.
With a Master’s in Philosophy from King’s College London, Ruby Dhal has paved quite a path for herself since she grew up in Hayes, South West London, where the minority is composed of underrepresented immigrant groups.
In an exclusive interview with The Tempest, Dhal recounted where her love for scripting originated: “I’d been writing stories since I was a little girl. I always turned to books as a way to escape from my childhood experiences because, following my mother’s death, they weren’t too pleasant.”
However, it wasn’t until the age of 21 that she seized her internalized obfuscations by the horns and sought reprieve by creating an Instagram page. “I continued writing therapeutic/healing poetry and prose because I realized that so many people around the world were experiencing the same things.”
My Hope For Tomorrow (out December 2019), preceded by Memories Unwound (March 2017) and A Handful of Stars (May 2019) is the third literary enterprise undertaken by Dhal where she perseveres in her pursuit to comprehend intricacies of love, relationships, self-worth, etc.
A compelling tale of self-discovery, this latest addition is, “for anyone on their healing journey who would like to mend their broken pieces,” explained Ruby. “The purpose of this book is to allow each reader to learn more about themselves and become hopeful on their healing journey.”
When asked as to how My Hope for Tomorrow became a personal favorite among the works published by her thus far, the author wistfully observed that “I was emotionally in a much better place when I started writing this book. I had the ability to detach myself from the pieces and think ‘How would someone else feel when they read this?’ which allowed me to direct most of the pieces to my readers.”
In spite of such revelations, Dhal humbly refused to qualify her aspiring literary work to be termed as ‘self-help’ in the ‘hardcover’ definition. “My books spread the message, ‘Here is how you’re feeling, just know that you’re not alone and we’re on this journey together. And remember, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel and lots of healing that we’ll do along the way.’”
Albeit not dealing with mental illness in the textbook version of things, Ruby acknowledges the strenuous power wielded by our ‘low moods’ on a daily basis. For this reason, she devotes most of her musings on struggling to maintain healthy mental health in this upheaval of a journey we call life.
Her grand message to her devout readers is to, “Hope for the future. Hope for the present. Hope that their healing journey will make them stronger, hope that the pain will slowly fade away, hope that they will experience happiness in every shade, hope that things will be okay.”
Apart from her regular intervals of dedicating heartfelt messages for her readers via tweets and Instagram posts, Ruby Dhal is also an avid poetess who has had her work published in Erstwhile, NR Magazine, and Crown Anthology. In the meanwhile, her inspirational take on life can also be found on platforms like Thought Catalog and The Tempest, both of whom show her love of hard-hitting spiritual realism.
If this wasn’t enough, Dhal’s working on a pilot project where she plans on conducting workshops to help alleviate the staggering nihilism in our lives.
Upon being asked to elaborate on this philanthropic project, Dhal eagerly elucidated how, “every workshop would have a different theme and we would tackle specific obstacles that they’re experiencing, with the goal of overcoming them or gaining the necessary tools to do so.”
Whether you find yourself wriggling out of some unfortunate situation, or are finally beginning to be at peace with yourself or have altogether forsaken any hope to give life another chance- this book is for you.
Brimming with anticipation for coming-to-terms-with-yourself worthiness, My Hope for Tomorrow doesn’t disappoint.
Until then, here’s the author’s personal favorite snippet from the book to warm your hearts:
“I have learned to do the one thing that most people find so difficult to do – I have learned to love myself in ways that I never thought possible, and that is what saved me.”
My Hope for Tomorrow came out in December 2019 and you can get it here for $12.99. You could even try your luck at winning a free copy through our Instagram giveaway!