Interview: Rob Boyd's Blueprint to Functional Product Design

  • Nova / Marianna Mukhametzyanova

In the tightly knit ecosystem that is functional sportswear and outerwear apparel, Rob Boyd is a pretty well-known name. The sportswear designer and fashion enthusiast is ushering in a new, contemporary take on functional design, as equally inspired by the early- and mid-00s as by the possibilities within creative and technical innovation. It’s always tricky to gauge what someone will be like in person when all you’re going off is their finely-tuned Instagram profile, the little neat blocks colour-coded and paired, a mosaic of coolness. And admittedly, Rob wasn’t what I expected - and that’s meant in the best way possible. I’m not sure how the designer himself will take the following description but Rob Boyd is a really jokes, sprightly, amusing no-nonsense character full of nonsense, you know? The garments are one thing, the [B]oy[d] is another. Jaimus, why did you allow me to write this? Read the full interview here: