IOM Recommends

  • Sean Harper
  • Sunnie Fraser
  • Robbie Murch
  • Ed Lloyd

IOM Recommends is a podcast series Sunnie and I created from scratch at BUMP. It’s gone on to be published in conjunction with Mixmag, who provide an editorial accompaniment to every Tuesday episode release. Following BUMP’s 2020 “Lockdown Live” interview series in which we asked how the electronic music scene can innovate post-COVID, the agency’s been driven by an ethos of “local scenes, global conversations”. IOM Recommends is a podcast series all about just that. We spoke to some of our favourite musical figureheads and got their rundown on what makes their city unique. At its inception, IOM Recommends was travel guide for the audiophile. During its creation, it transformed into something greater: a series of conversations about the relationship between artist and environment. Expect to pick up on some wicked spots along the way, too - stuff you won’t find on Culture Trip.